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Luster Paper Prints


Your prints are generational treasures.

Our images are from 35mm slides and digital, they do not enlarge proportionally (aspect ratio) to standard sizes. We use standard sizes in order to allow the use of standard size frames readily available.

Proportionally means that any image that is enlarged must enlarge in both the height and width in order to have the correct image. 

For example a 35mm slide image landscape is approximately 1.30" w by .84" H. To enlarge it to 8" high the final size will be 8" H x 12.28" W, resulting in 2.28" that has to be cropped to 8" H x 10" W.

Paper prints are on High Resolution, bright white paper.  All paper is resin coated to insure highest quality images.
All prints are water resistant and light fast for decades of enjoyment..

Your prints are made to enjoy and treasure, they love to be seen.  Don't be afraid to display them in well
lit spaces, three season rooms or even in a protected space on your deck.  

For Landscape, (the longest dimension is side to side).
Side by side image size is approximate, they can vary .
8" x 10" un-cropped is 8" W x 11.85" H
11" x 14" un-cropped is 11" W x 15.95" H
16" x 20" un-cropped is 16 "W x 23.75" H
20" x 30" un-cropped is 20" W x 29.65" H
30" x 40" un-cropped is 30" W x 44.45" H

For Portrait (the longest dimension is top to bottom).
Top to bottom image size is approximate, they can vary.
8" x 10" un-cropped is 8" W x 12.20" H
11" x 14" un-cropped is 11 "W x 16.85" H
16" x 20" un-cropped is 16" W x 16" W x 24.50" H
20" x 30" un-cropped is 20" W x 30.70" H
30" x 40" un-cropped is 30" W x 46.00" H

All sizes can vary slightly due the original size.
Prints only have approximately 1/8" white trim edges

Cropped and Un-cropped Luster Paper Prints * 
Cropped Size
Un-cropped Size
      8” x 10”
8" x (approx) 12.20"
11” x 14”
11" x (approx) 16.75"
    16” x 20”
16" x (approx) 24.38"
     20” x 30”
20" x (approx) 30.50"
    30” x 40”
30" x (APPROX) 45.65"

Additional Options at No Charge:

Convert to Black and White or Sepia

Most Popular Size

* Prints only have approximately 1/8” white trim edges.