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1- Are your prints borderless?

2- Do I need additional hardware

3- Do you print images in black and white or sepia?

4-How long wil my print last?

5- Some images show dust or other marks, will they appear on my print?

6- Will water marks appear on my print?

7- Do you offer custom sizes?

8- Do you offer cropped or un-cropped images?

9- What is viewing Distance?

10- What is Commercial Licensing?

11- How do I care for my print or canvas?

12- Do you save my credit card or bank information?

13- Do I own the image I purchased ?


1- Are your prints borderless?

No, paper prints have approximately 1/8" white trim edges to protect image during shipping and handling. Canvas prints are shipped with one and one half fabric on all sides for streching pruposes. (Top)

2- Do I need any additional hanging hardware?

No,Wood frames or stretched canvas come complete with hangers. Stretched Canvas is shipped with unique Patent Pending hardware that easily and correctly positions your frame on the wall.Complere instructions are included. (Top)

3- Do you print images in Black and White or Sepia?

Yes we do, any of our images can be converted to Black and White or Sepia at no additional charge, just select either option at time of order. Our stand print is in color and will be shipped that way unless you specify an option. (Top)

4- How long will my print last?

We use only Epson Wide Format printers and Epson Ultra Chrome Pigment inks, resulting in an expected life rating of 100 years. Please do not mount your print in direct sunlights if possible. (Top)

5- Some images show dust or other marks, will they appear in my print?

No, due to batch scanning processes we may have not been able to remove  these imperfections. Prior to printing each image is inspecrted for dust, scratches and marks. Our technicians remove these, color corrected to orginal and optimized for printing. Insuring your print is a True Moment in Time. (Top)

6- Will the water marks appear on my print?

No, the water mark is only used for display purporses on our site.  Prior to printing, when  we remove scratches, any marks and color corrrect  we also remove the water mark. (Top)

7- Do you offer custom sizes?

Yes we do, please email your requirements and any additional information, we will contact you shortly. (Top)

8- Do you offer cropped or un-cropped images?

Yes we do,un-cropped images are full size and will not fit standard frames/mats. You can crop them to your preferences or mat to fit a standard frame. Please see Prices & Sizes page for more complete information. Our images are from 35mm film. They do not enlarge proportionally (aspect ratio) to standard sizes of 8" x 10", 11" x 14", 16" x 20", 20" x 30" and 30" x 40". We crop using the focal point of each image which is the Theater or its Marquee. Cropping each image to standard sizes allows the use of standard size frames available at big box and hobby stores as well as framers. (Top)

9- What is Viewing Distance?

Viewing distance is the diagonal of the image, which is considered as normal of the eye to perceive the image correctly. For instance the viewing distance of a 30" x 40" image is just under four feet which is considered normal.

Our images are from Kodachrome slide film which is widely regarded as one of the best films for resolution, color accurcy, tonal range, color stability over extended periods of time and one of the finest grained film available.

Our newest images are from high resolution full frme Digital SLR Nikon and Canon cameras and will so be noted. (Top)

10- What is Commercial Licensing?

Photo images are licensed to be used by individuals or companies for specific projects, such as calendats, books, brochures, advertising campaigns and media. This for a fee iand s very specific time and use. It is the same as leasing a car, you have the right to use the images under a written agreement, at the end of the agreement you no longer are able to use the image. Fees are based on the type of use, length of use etc. American Classic Images retains all copy rights of each and all images.image. (Top)

11- How do I care for my print or canvas?

Prints and Canvas should not be displayed in direct sunlight. Your print or canvas are produced with Epson Ultrachrome inks with an expected life of 100 plus years but direct sunlight  is still a detrement.

Canvas prints have a UV inhibitor applied but should be cleaned only with a soft dry cloth or Microfiber. Never use water or liquid cleaners, they will permanently mark canvas,.  (Top)

12-Do you save my credit card or bank information?

No, as a security feature we use PayPal for all on liine transactions. Your credit card and bank information is only given to PayPal.

We do not store, see.save or have access to your personal information.Prints and Canvas. (Top)

13-Do I own the image I purchased?

No, you own a copy only of the image but not the original, All Copy Rights belong to American Classic Images and all rights are reserved by American Classic Images. (Top)